This website no longer sells counterfeit NIKE products. Please take a moment to read more about counterfeiting.
What’s wrong with buying counterfeits?
  • Counterfeit products fade, wear out, and fall apart faster than authentic products.
  • Counterfeiting is illegal, and profits may go to support organized crime.
  • Counterfeiters don’t pay taxes, robbing cities and states of millions of dollars in lost tax revenue.
If counterfeiting is illegal, why are counterfeiters allowed to sell on the Internet?
  • Counterfeiters simply ignore the law, and Internet hosts do not monitor websites for counterfeit products.
What about search results from search engines? Can I trust that those websites are not selling counterfeits?
  • No. Search engines do not monitor websites or search results for counterfeit products.
How can I tell if a product is genuine?
  • The only way you can be certain that you are purchasing a genuine NIKE product is to purchase it from an authorized NIKE retailer or web site.
Where can I find more information about counterfeiting?
  • Visit the International Anti Counterfeiting Coalition at