Governance Accountability And Reporting

Ethics and Conduct

NIKE, Inc. has a code of ethics for all employees called Inside the Lines. It defines the standards of conduct we expect employees to follow and includes a range of topics on employee activity, ethical behavior, product safety, legal compliance, competition and use of resources.

Each year, all NIKE, Inc. employees are required to verify that they have read and understand Inside the Liness. NIKE, Inc. also operates a global toll-free AlertLine for employees to confidentially report any suspected violations of the law or our code of ethics. Any reported concerns around accounting, auditing or internal control are communicated to the Board's audit committee, which determines appropriate action.

We expect our suppliers to share our standards and operate in a legal and ethical manner. While Inside the Lines addresses the behavior of NIKE, Inc. employees, the Code of Conduct addresses contractors that manufacture Nike-branded products. It directs them to respect the rights of their employees and to provide them with a safe and healthy work environment.