The Nike Foundation

Investment Philosophy: In 2004, the Nike Foundation reshaped its vision to focus on the alleviation of global poverty. After investigating where they could make the greatest impact on that highly complex issue, the Nike Foundation found that answer in adolescent girls. The theory is to invest in a girl and unleash a powerful ripple effect of positive change. The Nike Foundation has invested exclusively in girls ever since.

Girls are often the most at-risk and neglected segment of the population in impoverished communities. Throughout the developing world, they are more likely to be out of school, malnourished, and HIV-positive than their male peers.

Yet it's been shown that when a girl gains educational and economic opportunities, the benefits ripple beyond her - to her brothers, her sisters, her parents, her community, her future children and grandchildren. Girls and women tend to give back to their families and communities a significantly larger percentage of what they earn than their male peers. So this potential is unique to girls and is practically untapped. From 2005-2006, Official Development Assistance figures show that that less than two cents of every international aid dollar was directed to supporting girls.

The Nike Foundation's mission is to change that picture through innovative programs that offer solutions on the ground for girls, amplifying their results to the broader international aid community, and partnering with larger organizations and agencies to get girls' issues on the international agenda and mobilize resources to support them.

Our Investors and Investments: In addition to the contributions of Nike, Inc., the Nike Foundation is generously supported by the NoVo Foundation. Since May 2008, the NoVo Foundation has granted $45 million to the Nike Foundation to benefit adolescent girls. The NoVo Foundation has also made commitments to contribute an additional $56 million to the Nike Foundation to fund the work of the Girl Effect over the next four years (FY'10 — FY13).

The Nike Foundation has distributed $41.9 million to benefit adolescent girls over the past three years (FY'07-FY'09). Over the six-year life of the Nike Foundation it has committed more than $100 million to adolescent girls. The Nike Foundation supports more than 60 grantees throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Events and Building the Girl Knowledge Base: The Nike Foundation actively advocates for investment in adolescent girls through a number of mediums. These include participation in events such as the World Economic Forum and the Clinton Global Initiative.

In 2008, the Nike Foundation, in partnership with the NoVo Foundation, launched the Girl Effect on The Girl Effect is a communications platform that describes how the 600 million girls in the developing world have the power to transform their societies.

Over the last three years, the Nike Foundation has also supported the publication of extensive research on adolescent girls, their lives, and the critical interventions needed to ensure girls reach their potential as economic agents of change. This work can be found at