CR Strategy

The Future: Closed-Loop Business Model

The financial, social and environmental imperatives for moving to a sustainable economy will dictate how business models evolve over the next decade. We believe that we are entering an era of post-globalization, one in which new business models will emerge based on the overwhelming pressures fueled by regulation, scarcity, consumer behavior and innovation.

We think the future will demand closed-loop business models that move closer to achieving zero waste by completely reusing, recycling or composting all materials.

Our vision of a closed-loop business model includes up-front design of products that can be manufactured using materials reclaimed throughout the manufacturing process and at the end of a product's life.

To fully realize this new model, industry must find new answers to business challenges. Innovators must create new ways to recycle and reuse waste and turn that into new products. Designers must look at new sustainable raw materials. Leaders must examine the impact on supply chains and labor forces.