CR Strategy

On the Horizon

Nike's vision for Sustainable Business & Innovation is clear: to help NIKE, Inc. and its consumers thrive in a sustainable economy where people, profit and planet are in balance.

For Nike, this means a focus on sustainable manufacturing, sustainable product development and creating a sustainable marketplace. We will design products and influence our supply chain to create less waste; promote equitable and empowered workers in contract factories; and protect access to sport for everyone across the globe.

It's imperative to find new and innovative approaches to designing product and to managing energy and resources that are needed to run our global business. We will continue to identify closed-loop models and processes that increase sustainability throughout our supply chain - end to end.

Equally, we continue our steadfast commitment to improving working conditions in contract factories. We will maintain our investments in lean manufacturing and human resource training while addressing the root causes and challenges within the supply chain by promoting transparency and collaborating on solutions with the broader industry.

Moving forward, we will sharpen our voice to advocate for youth around the world to have access to fitness and sport. We will elevate the issue with key stakeholders, highlighting the serious decline in opportunities for youth participation with the aim of creating a movement for change.

NIKE, Inc. continues to be a growth company, aligning our strengths and opportunities. Our business strategies are clear and the need to focus innovation against creating sustainable business opportunities has never been clearer than it is today. We are focused on identifying new ways to create value and generate positive returns on investments for our business, shareholders, workers and the environment.

We know we can't achieve this alone and are committed to partnering and collaborating to find creative solutions. It will take new models of innovation, new forms of collaboration, new financial instruments and new business approaches. It will take changes in public policy. It will take engaged consumers driving new market forces.

Over the past few years, we've achieved much success with our efforts and are on track with the ambitious goals that we set for ourselves. It's clear however, that the more we achieve and the more we look ahead, the more opportunity we see for progress. We invite you to join us in this journey.